China to Ease Some Travel Restrictions

When it comes to travel, China has been one of the most restrictive countries in the world. Most believe the coronavirus originated in the Wuhan province and triggered a global pandemic that killed millions.

After nearly three years, China is finally loosening some of its restrictions.

According to EuroNews, China has started to relax some of the strict protocols that have effectively isolated the country. Passengers arriving in China must produce a negative PCR test within 48 hours.

Previously, visiting the Asian country necessitated two negative tests.

It's a small but significant step. China is a popular tourist destination, but the decision to ease restrictions should benefit business travel as well. China was one of the last if not the last, countries to reopen its economy after the pandemic.

Visitors from outside the country will still be quarantined upon arrival in China, though this restriction has been relaxed. Visitors will now be quarantined for eight days instead of ten. Officials have stated, however, that the country will discontinue its secondary tracing efforts to allow for more movement.

China also abandoned its 'circuit breaker' policy, under which all international flights into China could have been banned for a period of time if the country noticed an increase in positive cases.

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