Bermuda’s pandemic-era requirements will be phased out. 14th of November

Beginning November 14, Bermuda will phase out its pandemic-era entry requirements and restrictions in favor of its pre-pandemic Bermuda Arrival Card system, which can be completed in minutes.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority's Bermuda Arrival Card is a digital form that visitors must fill out; the BTA compiles visitor data to create tourism statistics.

"The tourism industry in Bermuda fully supports the decision to eliminate the travel authorization and end the island's public health emergency orders," said Tracy Berkeley, interim CEO of BTA. We are especially grateful to our Ministry of Health partners for working together to address our common challenges. This is exciting news that will help to restore the frictionless travel experience for our visitors."

According to TravelPulse Canada, there is no arrival processing time or fee associated with the card system. The Bermuda Arrival Card is available online. Once completed, travelers will be able to download the form from the website or via email. Travelers will then present it to immigration officials for inspection.

Non-resident travelers who have not completed the Bermuda Arrival Card will be able to obtain a hard copy of "Pink Forms."

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